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It is very stressful for the couple and their families if they are getting divorced. Divorce is the procedure to dissolute the marriage in a legal way, that is, it is the final termination of the married life of the couple. The professional divorce attorney helps the couple to get out of the most traumatic events of their life. Here, are the reasons why you need a Divorce Attorney.

1. Dividing the Assets: The first job that the divorce attorney can help the person with is the division of the family assets. These are the assets that is been accrued by the couple during their length of marriage and it gets very complicated while dividing the assets. It is very tough to decide that who is going to get the money, items and family pets that have been bought by the couple. The divorce attorney also helps to negotiate and work through the discussions.

2. Arrangements for Child Custody: Nobody wish to have a battle on child custody but it is a must when the couple is falling apart. It becomes more traumatic for the parents of the child as no parent wish to be away from their child. This is the most important aspect of the divorce and for this you need to hire a professional divorce attorney so that you can get guidance through the process of child custody. The divorce attorney tries to help to moderate the differences between each party and he makes sure that both the parties are in the agreement when it comes to the thing that with whom the child or children are going to stay and who are going to meet them.

3. Get Your Fair Share: At the time of filing for a divorce with your spouse it is very necessary to employ the services of a professional divorce attorney so that he can help you to get out of what you deserve from the breakup of your marriage. If you do not have any professional divorce attorney and your partner have him then there is a risk of you losing not only the assets but also the visiting rights and custody battles for your child or children. The divorce attorney will be able to guide you throughout the divorce process from the beginning to the end and the divorce attorney will make sure that you get what you deserve in the end after the break up.

When it comes to divorce litigation, there are several common mistakes you should avoid which can cost you both emotional and financial damages. Outlined below are some of the most common mistakes people make during divorce.


Not Knowing Your Full Rights

One major mistake people make when going through divorce cases is not knowing their full legal rights and what they are entitled to from the divorce settlements. It is common to see some people trying to convince their spouse during divorce litigation that they deserve more of the properties since they made the major financial investments while the marriage lasted. This is a major mistake you must never make. The law in most states is that you are entitled to 50% of all the assets acquired while the marriage lasted irrespective of your income and financial contribution. Not knowing what the law has made as a provision in such a situation can lead you being cheated by your spouse. Following what the law has said will see you getting half of everything you and your partner own, so it will amount to a great mistake when you allow yourself to be cheated on the grounds of your income and contributions to the family wealth.

Being Vindictive

Another common mistake people make during divorce is being too vindictive. An out of court agreement with your spouse is always the best option as it has been found to be both economical and favorable to everyone. Trying to punish your spouse might never get you the results you desire, but will land you in court instead. Going to court to settle your marriage disputes will lead to waste of money and time with both parties trying to argue out the case through his or her lawyer. Most times, such cases may never go in your favor, but may end up displeasing you and your spouse with what the judges decides.

Giving in Easily

This is yet another common mistake people make during divorce. While you should try as much as possible to avoid being too vindictive, it is equally important that you don’t give up your legal rights. Most times, people give in too easily in their attempt to get the divorce over with, but this kind of hasty decision often leads to regrets later.

To avoid these mistakes, and all other mistakes made during divorce, you need an experienced and qualified divorce attorney to make sure your rights and interests are well protected while the divorce lasts.

748825_91380787Car accidents can happen anytime and even the most skilled and careful drivers can be involved. In case you’re involved in a car accident it is important that you know which steps to take. While it’s hard to think straight after an accident, having prior knowledge on the questions that may need answers and what to do will certainly come in handy. This checklist comprehensively outlined below will help you know what to do after a car accident.

Determine the Extent of Damage or Injuries

Whatever you do, try and stay calm. When you panic you make others panic as well thereby worsening the situation. It is imperative that you remain calm in order to determine the extent of damage and establish if there are any injuries that may require immediate medical attention.

File a Car Accident Report with the Police

Irrespective of the extent of damage it is important that you make sure there is a legal accident report. Never leave the scene of the accident until the police file a comprehensive report.

Discuss the Accident Only with the Police

After an accident, everyone is in shock and it can be hard to talk about what has just happened. Discussing the immediate details can lead to loss of concentration and you may not think accurately about what has occurred. It is also important to limit discussion of the happenings and not to admit liability or any fault. If you’re to talk about the accident, then you should do so with the police and the insurance agent only.

Collect the Facts

Most people don’t know how important it is to get the facts after an accident. It is essential to make a list of names, address and phone numbers of everyone who was involved in the accident in the one way or the other. Get a description of the car and the license plate number as this may prove helpful. Be sure to get the details of the insurance company and the vehicle identification number of the other vehicle. Never make an assumption that the plate number alone is enough as most insurance companies’ record type of the car, vehicle identification number and not the license plate number.

Call Your Insurance Agent

After the accident, it is important that you call your agent or the insurance company’s emergency line immediately. Most of the time, the police may provide your insurance company with more accurate information rather than giving the agent or the company details which you may not have recorded due to frustration. Providing precise information will save you a lot of time later on as you wait for the claim to be processed.

Important Tips to Remember

· If the accident is minor, move the cars to a safe place, out of traffic

· Make use of the hazard lights, cones, warning triangles or flares for safety

· Don’t sign any documents unless you’re doing so for the police or insurance agent

· It helps having a card with your medical information and that of your family as well

· No matter how tense the situation is, be polite

Accidents happen to people every day without warning. Sometimes, these accidents may occur as a result of negligence of another person, or due to unfavorable working conditions set forth by an employer. When an incidence of this nature occurs to you, then you should immediately consult your personal injury lawyer. Based on your State legislation, every person is allowed to file a personal injury claim on their own, but a trained injury attorney will greatly improve their success. Here are a few important reasons why every complainant needs an injury lawyer.

The process of filing for a personal injury claim might appear simple on the surface, but there is more to it than meet the eyes. It is quite easy for many individuals who do not know the legal terminologies to misinterpret what the law says concerning the whole process. Moreover, such individuals are also likely to be conned or misled by their insurance companies due to their naivety. This is why it is advisable to find someone who is skilled in this particular field to advise you accordingly, and simplify the whole process.

In the event of filling your personal injury claim, you will encounter aggressive insurance defense lawyers and claim adjusters who will be looking for every opportunity to nullify your claim. However, when you get a personal lawyer, you can rest assured that he will represent your interests to the best of his abilities. Similarly, this lawyer will not develop cold feet when facing insurance lawyers whose main objectives will be to reduce or even do away with your claim.

Although everyone is permitted to file a legal compensation document in a court of law, not every person can do a wonderful job when it comes to presenting their cases. A highly trained personal legal attorney will help you create a strong case, which will enhance your levels of success. He will coach you on what to say when invited on the floor of the court, and how to answer questions when asked by other concerned parties. In a nut shell, this legal expert will help you deliver you case in the best way possible.

Suffering from an accident or sustaining a serious body injury is something that is going to require time and the right medical attention to heal. Seeing that this is already a bad experience, you can save yourself a lot of stress and headache by allowing a qualified personal represent you instead. As you continue to receive your medical care at the hospital, let your legal adviser argue your case in the courts. By doing so, you will find that you are able to recover quickly and that your absence in court will not stop your personal lawyer from representing your interests.

Lastly, if it happens that you are unable to resolve your claim before litigation is reached, then you do not want to be the one representing yourself. When you request a personal injury lawyer to help you, then be sure that he will not rest until he has helped you get your full compensation.

phoneMany are the times that a driver will sneak his or her eyes out of the road to read a text message from his mobile. As statistics depict, such instances get the eyes off the road for at least 5 seconds; a duration that is enough to cover a whole side of a football pitch travelling at a mere speed of 55 miles per hour. By considering that a car crash only needs a split second to occur, the 5 seconds distraction puts one at about 23 times higher risk to being involved in a traffic accident than when not texting.

Specific Dangers of Texting and Driving

Some texts will take more time to understand – Some texts may be easily read and understood in a split second but others will take much longer time to understand. The worst thing about this is that as a driver, you will never know how clear the text is until you open it and you might end up taking over 10 seconds trying to understand the massage from the text.

Temptation of texting back – In as much you may reach your phone to read your inbox, some texts may tempt you to text back. Such instances will highly aggravate chances of being involved in a car accidents since composing a text takes more time than reading a text, which eventually paves way for more inbox messages and subsequent replies. In the end, the driver gets his mind carried away in the chat and thus he or she does not get time to follow traffic situations or make quick decisions needed for safe driving.

Chances of going emotional – Messages relayed through texts are bound to be emotional. Some of the texts may be love-related, emergency-related, work place issues or some moving news from close friends. Such texts will most often disrupt concentration on traffic even after one puts down the phone. With such situations, there will be increased risk of being involved in traffic fatalities due to distractions.

What Measures to Adapt to Help Keep off from Texting and Driving Dangers

There are a number of measures that can effectively curb texting while driving trend. One of the most effective one is putting the phone on silent mode and slipping it in the car’s mobile porch. By so doing, there will be less temptation to attend to your inbox till you get to a safe place where you can attend to your mobile phone. Secondly, it should be a mutual responsibility between the driver and the passengers on board. Many are the times that the people on board will watch their driver read and text without raising a finger against it. Taking it as a personal responsibility to curb such practices can definitely make a positive change.

Human beings also need to be reminded of the dangers of texting while driving quite often.   I find myself not realizing how dangerous texting and driving really is.  People don’t realize they may end need information on criminal defense after hurting or injuring somebody after texting and driving. This can be easily done by taking a Text-Free-Driving pledge such as the one taken at After taking such a pledge, the driver is given a windscreen sticker that always keeps the risk he would be placing his life and the lives of the passengers into whenever he is texting while driving.

Use of DriveCam monitors designed to give real-time video capture relayed to given center has also shown great potency in curbing texting while driving trend. With such a video capture camera, many drivers tend to keep off from driving malpractices since they feel that they are being watched. This is particularly very effective because no driver would be on the view that texting while driving is a safe practice, and they only find themselves texting while driving when they feel that no one is watching them do it. After all, it is human nature to do what is expected when they are under watch.

Few may consider planning for the worst to be a negative thing. However in Michigan, doing so in relation to auto insurance could in fact benefit one and his family ultimately. This is because no-fault indemnity benefits in this state are considered necessary by the law. Each person who owns a car is required to buy specified coverage so as to attain their license plates. The specified coverage provides payment for wages lost, medical expenses and damage to other person’s property. A basic no-fault auto insurance cover in this state does not reimburse people for any car repairs. This kind of policy is only covered under 3 kinds of collision coverage a driver can choose from. They include standard, limited and broad form.

All benefits achieved from this no-fault auto insurance belong to the two categorized advantages detailed below:

No-fault Car Insurance Policy Sections

The no-fault auto insurance policy consists of three parts, personal injury protection, property protection and residual liability insurance. The property protection pays an amount of up to one million bucks in damage one’s car is accountable for, to other people’s possessions. The cover also pays up for damage one’s vehicle does to a well-parked vehicle.

Personal injury protection covers one’s medical costs. It also covers three quarters of income one would have earned if they hadn’t suffered the injury, for three full years. In case of death resulting from a motor accident, this policy pays up one’s family a certain amount per month. The amount varies with what they would have received from one’s income and fringe benefits, if he or she were still alive.

Residual liability insurance, also known as bodily injury cover protects all insured drivers from getting sued because of an auto crash. However, this type of insurance varies if the motorist causes a catastrophe where the victim results in death or permanent disfigurement. This cover also does not work where a person is implicated in an accident away from Michigan. It does not cover one when he or she is more at fault during the crash too.

Obtain The Compensation One Deserves

Whilst the particulars of Michigan’s no-fault advantages may seem clear-cut, motor accident cases that involve claims could be difficult. Few have been denied this policy because of the many obstacles faced during its processing. An example would be the demand that all family members be under one roof. The advantage with this is that it is very easy to rectify this. There exist many Michigan insurance claim attorneys who are always ready to help with such issues. They are very experienced and skilled in that one does not have to worry about regaining their benefits.

With all this in mind, there is one more thing one needs to put in mind. It is always considered a violation of the law for someone to operate on their vehicle without a no-fault insurance. This could lead one to a lot of trouble including a long sentence jail term. According to the law, it could also lead to ceasing of the car for a much longer time.